Sasquatch: agency history

Sasquatch [ˈsæskwɒtʃ], aka Yeti, Bigfoot, or Chugaister. A relic hominid, better known as Snowman, whom no one sees, but his traces are impossible not to notice.

In 2009, the Sasquatch agency was created in Kyiv with a key service — brand promotion on social media. Already at the consulting stage, clients were convinced of our expertise. So we got our first client, Nike. As part of the cooperation, they introduced a new model of Nike Dunk shoes to the market, provided support on social media at the Ukrainian Fashion Week and the World Cup (2010), and also managed Nike public pages on Facebook and VK.

Step by step Sasquatch gets new customers:

Kira Plastinina

18 own and 18 partner stores in Ukraine

TV channel “TET”

24 communities simultaneously managed on Facebook and Vkontakte (“Durnev +1”, “Schodennyky Temnoho”, Split, “TET 2.0”, “Masha i Modeli”, “Zakryta shkola”, “10 Bazhan’”, “Lyalechka”, “Koroleva Balu ”, “Vitalka”, etc.)

Argo chain of stores

brands Benetton, Mango, Sisley, Energie, Guess, Killah, Orsay, Jennyfer, and other


in the Top 3 online stores of household appliances at that time

From 2011 to 2015, we became not only a reliable contractor for companies but also a partner of 15 advertising and PR agencies which did not provide SMM services then. Every day we improved our digital level, worked with major brands, and adopted experiences from other countries. In 2015 our clients were:


chain of stores


light alcoholic drinks

Global Money

electronic payment system

Mall “MOST-City” (Dnipro) and Globus (Kyiv), as well as 5 shopping centers of the Arricano group in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rig

Global Spirits

international alcohol manufacturer (TM Pervak, Morosha, Oreanda, Khortytsya)

Planeta Igrashok

a toy shop


mobile phones

In 2017, Sasquatch defined the main criteria for the work of a full-cycle digital agency for itself — implementation of projects with high expertise and exceeding expectations. Thanks to these factors, our clients canceled tenders and extended their work with us.

Since this year, we have been creating an average of 15 sites per year, regularly launching media and influencer campaigns. By 2018, we were actively conducting projects for such companies and brands as:

We do not have a profile or niche in which we work. But if necessary, we can successfully cooperate with any business. For example, once our agency simultaneously led 10 residential complexes of such developers as DIM, Ukrbud, Novbud, and Fundament.

By 2021, our client portfolio included more than twenty projects from Ukraine, England, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, among which were the following brands and companies:

SMM is what we started with, and most of our projects today are related to this field.

But today, clients come to us with requests not only for SMM, but for contextual and targeted advertising, crowd marketing, influencer marketing, SERM, and complex digital campaigns as well.

And we complete these requests with 100% guaranteed results that exceed KPI.

What tasks does SMM solve?

Social media marketing is the easiest way to reach a large audience and find its narrow segments. Our SMM is not only brand assistance in social media — we also implement performance campaigns to sell goods and services of our clients. What else does SMM include in Sasquatch?


A good advertising campaign on social media can warm up the interest of the client. When a person sees the products on the shelf, the decision to buy will be made much faster.

Formation of recognition and loyalty

The buyer is more likely to choose a service or product that he is already familiar with. Social networks allow you to communicate with the consumer, form the image of a strong brand and increase loyalty.

Increasing traffic to the website

When traffic is generated through a good advertising campaign, customers find the right product faster.

The fight against negativity

With properly built communication, it is much easier to maintain a positive image.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram have firmly entered our lives.

They have become not just a space for communicating with friends, but also a constant source of information. These resources are beneficial for businesses of any category. Start right now!

order a promotion

How is SMM communication created in our agency?

We study the product.

We get acquainted both with the brand itself and with the organization of business processes. We identify strengths and weaknesses.

We analyze the market and determine its capacity.

We carry out competitor analysis. We identify potential demand, target audience, its needs and preferences.

We develop a communication strategy and positioning.

We find a clear answer to the question “Why should they buy from you?”. We determine the optimal channels and develop a map of the customer’s path to purchase.

We form goals.

We fix KPIs and the terms of their achievement.

We create advertising materials and content.

We identify rational and emotional messages that need to be communicated to form the appropriate image for the target audience. We write texts, create graphics and video content. If necessary, we involve freelance copywriters, photographers, 3D designers, and other creative specialists.

We launch an advertising target and context ads.

We set up and manage ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or YouTube.

We optimize the advertising budget.

We test out different informer options so that Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube algorithms can properly optimize advertising budgets for the best performance. We determine which ads and campaigns bring more results at a lower costs.

Why Sasquatch Digital?

We are one

of the first digital agencies in Ukraine

Clients have been working with us for years:

the average duration
of a contract
is 2.5 years.

There are only highly skilled professionals in our team,

we constantly invest time and resources in their growth.

We cooperate with

ten countries. The number of implemented projects is more than 250.

We are #5 (“SMM”), # 12 (“Content”), #14 (“Influence Marketing”), #16 (“Media Agencies”) and #21 (“Intelligent Services”) according to the digital rating from IAB Ukraine, #42 in Choice Ranking advertiser, and #5 in the ranking of SMM-agencies by Ukrainian Digital Awards

We have been cooperating with opinion leaders since 2010. We now have over 2,000 influencers in our database.

We work with exceeding expectations and KPIs.

Our agency is an associate member of IAB Ukraine and a full-fledged VRK.

We don’t have a sales department

or marketing directors, and brand managers recommend us to colleagues on their initiative. 

Today we are actively working with companies and brands such as

Libero, Libresse, UN, British American Tobacco (Ukraine and Uzbekistan), Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, BNP Paribas, Winkhaus, OLX, Tork, etc.

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