A life hack: How to exceed KPIs with one post for ATB

Designing a strategy for ATB’s presence on social media (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Twitter), moderation services and SMM support

ATB is the largest Ukrainian supermarket chain by amount of outlets. Known for its affordable prices. Every day, more than 2,000,000 Ukrainians buy goods there.

The agency cooperated with ATB from April 2014 to April 2015.


Online tasks

The main goal of the online project was to create a loyal community around the ATB brand and collect a maximum of followers to inform organically about special offers.

First, we had to develop a strategy for ATB’s social media presence and then, establish communication with answering any user’s question within 10 minutes on weekdays and 30 minutes on weekends.


Middle-income women and men who prefer economical purchase, both family and individual. For them, price is no less important than assortment. They often choose ATB as a “convenient supermarket near home or work”.


The idea of our communication was to get closer to people. Previously, ATB’s social media had surprised users with all kinds of exoticism, posts with the Maldives and California rolls, which had hardly matched the lifestyle of the target audience. We started creating content that was as close, useful and necessary to the target audience as possible. For example, how to store onions in the kitchen, 10 simple ideas for an egg breakfast, how to clean a frying pan quickly, etc. From the very first month, we began to exceed our reach KPIs.


We focused on household life hacks, as ATB is a supplier of groceries and household goods. For the VKontakte and Facebook pages, we made textual and visual content most useful to our target audience, such as cooking tips, food storage and jokes about typical consumer as well as shopping situations. We developed rubrics and a call to action maximally relevant for the target audience. We also held contests with simple mechanics (contest for the best dish, fan of the month, funniest comment or longest ATB receipt), which always attracted thousands of participants. We converted ATB’s weekly newspapers into the social media format and changed the design system of promotional offers. We developed a Q&A and established communication to support followers’ questions. Our moderator responded to at least a hundred comments and questions a day.


We exceeded the follower attraction KPI by 6% and established good communication with ATB’s audience – we responded to about 100 messages daily.

In the first month of work, we made a post that became the best in terms of organic reach and reposts in the three years of ATB’s social media.



new followers


posts a month


processed messages a day

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