SMM for malls: how to become the most popular location in the city

SMM strategy and maintenance of the “MOST-city” mall page on Facebook and Instagram

The “MOST-city” mall is a classic not only in Dnipro, but in all Ukraine. This is a unique location for shopping and entertainment

The agency worked with the client from June 2014 to December 2015.


online tasks
offline tasks

The main online-goal of the project is to build communication and develop the representation of the MOST network in social networks while increasing the number of check-ins in Foursquare.

Attract more visitors to the shopping center and stimulate check-in in it.


The target audience of our work is residents of Dnipro, who are potential visitors to the shopping center.These are solvent people aged approximately 18 to 46 who value shopping, entertainment and time spent with family or loved ones.


The idea of ​​our communication is to make the mall the most attractive among competitors in Dnipro. For this purpose, we have developed a system of publications, adapted both to the goal of the shopping center in general and the individual capabilities of the tenants.

We unified the feed in social networks, which was previously motley from posts of different formats, and formed a single concept aimed at attracting visitors. We also changed the tone of communication — added more active appeals, invitations, talked more about the advantages of the shopping center and leisure opportunities there.


For pages on Instagram and Facebook, we developed textual and visual content, as well as offline mall support program that corresponded to the general corporate style of the brand. We also developed a rubricator, made the call to action a permanent element of the content, and introduced high-quality reportage shooting for further publication.


Thanks to a well-chosen communication strategy, we received positive feedback from visitors. In just 3 months the mall has become not only the most popular among competitors — the location even surpassed the city train station in terms of the number of check-ins.



place among Dnipro locations for check-in in Forsquare.


Instagram followers in a year


Facebook followers in a year

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