campaign #ценормально for Libresse

Libresse is a Swedish personal care brand for women that took a stand against the stigmatization of menstruation. It was the first brand to advertise its products with the image of a red liquid. Owned by Swedish consumer goods company Essity.

Sasquatch Digital has been working with Libresse since 2015. We implemented the first wave of the project in 2018.

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online objectives
offline objectives

We wished to become a brand that inspires, combines brand awareness with an understanding of the normal menstrual cycle, and brings the issue of the taboo of menstruation to the media.

1. To run an SMM campaign with the key message #ценормально.
2. To involve influencers in the campaign

1. To create a demand.
2. To increase brand loyalty.
3. To increase sales of Libresse.


The key audience that we wanted to communicate with within the #ценормально campaign is, of course, girls and women who buy pads. We sent more of the product content to them. But the emotional messages of communication were supposed to affect the mass audience, regardless of gender. Our goal was to draw the attention of Ukrainians to the fact that in today’s healthy society, girls and women should not be ridiculed, stopped by superstitions, and limited by prohibitions related to their menstruation.

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The topic of menstruation is still taboo for a lot of people. The #ценормально campaign against tabooing menstruation in the media and society was launched simultaneously in 4 European countries: the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Ukraine became the first among the CIS countries to introduce and adapt the #ценормально campaign. The campaign was adapted and launched with the hashtag #ценормально. The team began to gradually lead subscribers to the message of the campaign through humor and motivational messages (“Be yourself, appreciate your uniqueness”) to more specific messages (“Don’t be ashamed of your nature”). Then we used data from a study on the attitude of Ukrainians to the topic of menstruation. And only after that, we were able to show the video itself and deploy the #ценормально campaign in full force. Libresse content featured images without blood, but with a clear message: red sequins on the pad, underpants with red embroidery. We expectedly received a bit of a negative response: subscribers often went to extremes, equating menstruation with defecation. A team of moderators worked with the project all the time and consistently beat off all the negativity in the comments. Opinion leaders helped the brand, including singers, TV and radio hosts, and other talented women from Kyiv, for example, Oksana Pavlenko, Olga Tsibulska, Polina Logunova, M.A.M.A.S.I.T.A and others. We realized that we were moving in the right direction when viral postings began to appear on our topic. On the brand page itself, comments with words of support and even gratitude for such openness in advertising began to flicker more and more often.


At the final stage, our research partners from Digdata also had to confirm the success. There has been an important change in the profile of brand image characteristics. The research company asked the Ukrainian women after the #ценормально, with what attributes they associated Libresse and how strongly.

Previously, Ukrainian women most often mentioned Libresse as a brand of reliable pads without leakage and in a noticeable package. Now some buyers have called it a brand that inspires them.


КРОВЬ, МЕНСТРУАЦИЯ #ценормально 5



% are more positive than last year about Libresse


% average engagement rate (2.3% before the campaign)


% decided to buy Libresse products for the first time


% felt the need to discuss their period with someone


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