Support campaign for the communication of the TV channel “TET” on social networks

“TET” is an entertainment TV channel, part of one of the largest media holdings in Ukraine “1+1”. The channel’s on-air grid is entertainment content based on comedy sitcoms, reality shows, and films.

The agency worked with the TET TV channel from April 2011 to June 2013. Campaign dates: November 2011 – December 2012.


online tasks
offline tasks

To create a community for viewers of the all-Ukrainian youth channel who want to learn more about projects, series, and film premieres on TET and discuss their favorite TV shows online.

1. To develop a social media presence strategy.
2. To create an active community of viewers.
3. To attract viewers to shows and series.

To develop a communication strategy for the main page of the TV channel and project pages (Durnev +1, Shchodenniki Temnoho, Split, TET 2.0, Masha i Modeli, Zakryta Shkola, 10 Bazhan, Lyalechka, Koroleva Balu, Vitalka, etc.).
A total of 24 communities on Facebook and Vkontakte.

1. To increase the visibility of the TV show.
2. To grow an audience of loyal viewers.

The target audience

The audience of the channel is young people from 14 to 30 years old who love humor, fashion, TV series, and reality shows. They spend a lot of time on the Internet and social networks, and actively use instant messengers. Therefore, Vkontakte has become an ideal platform for uniting viewers around the channel’s programs.

Idea of communication

We conducted a transactional analysis and chose a competitive model to work with 24 communities. In practice, this means that the page moderator informed subscribers, and involved them in communication. Moderators set tasks, and subscribers competed for completing them, page activity, and the status of the top fan of the page. The “Child-Child” communication scenario made it possible to speak with subscribers “like you” and to involve them as much as possible in activities on the page.

1-2 posts per day were published on the community pages with news of shows and projects, teasers, trailers, photos from filming, voting, activations, and questions about past releases. The TV channel page acted as a digest and a key community where the best community posts were published. Community pages linked to the page of the TET channel, and vice versa, which made it possible to redirect subscribers and acquaint them with the channel’s key programs.



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