Moderation for British American Tobacco

Glo and VELO communities moderation services.

BAT is one of the leading companies that provide tobacco and nicotine-containing products to millions of adult consumers all over the world. The company employs more than 55,000 people. It is a market leader in over 50 countries and has factories in 43 countries. The company’s strategic portfolio involves world-known brands of cigarettes as well as an increasing variety of goods with reduced risks to health*. **
These are vaping devices, tobacco heating systems, and modern products for oral use, such as tobacco-free nicotine pouches, wet tobacco, and snus.

We have been working with British American Tobacco since February 2022, in particular with the glo and VELO brands.


online tasks

The key goals of the activities were to provide full support to the communities in the form of communication with subscribers and to increase brand loyalty.

1. development and adaptation of a Q&A;
2. work with non-standard user requests and direct communication with brand representatives.


The target audience of the glo and VELO brands is mostly men aged 25-45. They value style and quality, solve problems quickly, and strive to realize their ambitions both at work and in personal life. These are people who know the value of their time well and like to constantly pump up their capabilities.


Our target audience is mostly people who appreciate a friendly attitude and clear communication. Accordingly, we have identified the main idea —developing communication with users which would give a pleasant impression, so that each subscriber feels like he/she is talking with a friend, who is always ready to help with any issue.

Usually, brands do not build systematic communication with their subscribers, but we decided to help ВАТ close this area and turn it into a competitive advantage. That’s why we recorded the KPI, created a Q&A and avoided a machine, robotic tone while trying to be brief and to the point.


To implement the idea, the Sasquatch team developed a Q&A for glo and VELO based on the available answers to the questions, instructions and information about the products and services of the brands. This is the first step to successful and professional communication, as the Q&A allows for comprehensive answers without making moderators spend much time.

In our answers, we took into account the TOV, presented complex information in simple words, and added emojis as well as paragraph breaks to make the texts easier to read and generally more enjoyable.

During the work, the team of moderators promptly wrote non-standard questions, complaints or appeals that needed attention and solutions in specially created Telegram chats.


We have positive feedback from both the clients, whose request we fulfilled by 100%, and users, who received better service due to a more thorough and individualized approach to their inquiries. One of the conditions of our work was to reply to a message or a comment within an hour. Not everyone can handle it, but we have been following this rule for two years, for which we regularly receive bonuses from the client.


To reach the expected results, the specialists had to reply quickly, process requests timely, and meet the demands of the audience fully. Quick response to the subscribers’ inquiries is essential for customer retention as well as attraction; for fulfilling the KPI by 100% every month, the company receives regular bonuses from the client. In addition, BAT Ukraine finds it extremely important to improve the quality of service and approaches to moderation, which enables more precise answers. So the Q&A is regularly updated to match the client’s mood, and the mechanics change accordingly.

* According to scientific data and the assumption about quitting smoking cigarettes in favor of alternative products. These products are not completely save and may be addictive.
** The brands whose products are sold in the USA, including Vuse, Velo, Grizzly, Kodiak, and Camel Snus, are under the supervision of the FDA; it is forbidden to classify these products as low-risk without its permission.

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