Content strategy for the Jägermeister brand

Jägermeister is a German liqueur created by Curt Mast in 1934 from 56 ingredients. The brand is full of secrets and mysticism, and also carries the aesthetics of nightlife, filled with parties and its rituals.

The agency has been working with Jägermeister since 2018.


online tasks
offline tasks

The key goal of the activities is to transmit the emotional essence of the brand to the audience and to strengthen the culture of consumption of Jägermeister in the format of ice shots.
Based on the brand’s existing Instagram page:
1. To build organic reach to the maximum and involve users in the life of the brand.
2. To increase ER with a new content strategy.
3. To grow knowledge about the product and the temperature of its consumption.

To stimulate sales of Jägermeister.


Jägermeister is a rare brand where the gender split is distributed 30/70 in favor of men.

The main age group of TA is 18-24. These are residents of large cities of Ukraine who work hard with their heads, create and stand out in the mainstream, and appreciate carefree rest and friendship.


Our creative idea was born where the most cherished dreams come from, and we finally got opportunities to make a dream come true. To restart and update the brand’s communication, we have collected the best games, puzzles, and riddles of the school years — the most carefree time in the life of our target audience — matured by passport, but not by soul guys. This is how communication in the style of total fun was born.

In addition, by studying the audience and its behavioral characteristics, we got the insight that entertainment organically fits into the way of their day after work and study. Therefore, publications in the morning and afternoon were immediately excluded.


The brand’s Instagram page has become the key platform for communication. We developed a content strategy based on game mechanics, which logically fit posters of upcoming events, photo and video reports of parties, and atmospheric product posts.

The main feature of the content for Jägermeister is that we minimize the informational or educational tone of communication. Even when you need to state some facts about the composition of the product to the audience, it is more effective to do it in an interactive game format – for example, “find the extra” or “guess what is missing”.

A strong component of the updated strategy was the new visual style of the page, which we built, inspired by the brand values.


SMM by Sasquatch is not only a content part but also a constant live contact with the audience. In the case of Jägermeister, feedback, reaction to comments, and direct messages are an integral part of the overall tone of communication, without which it would be unfair to call the project successful.

To communicate with subscribers, we have installed a set of emojis that intersect with the mood and recognizable colors of Jägermeister. This makes the brand image on Instagram coherent.



ER post growth for the first month of our work in %


average ER on the Instagram page in %


audience growth in six months


times — monthly over fulfillment of the plan for Reach stories


times – monthly over fulfillment of the plan for Reach posts


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