Creation of key visuals for Jägermeister brand retail advertising campaigns.

Jägermeister is a German liqueur created by Curt Mast in 1934 from 56 ingredients. The brand is imbued with mysteries and mysticism, and its recipe is a real alchemy. Jägermeister carries the aesthetics of nightlife, full of parties and their own rituals. This is a brand that is always on the move, life of the party without much: strong, determined, unique and uncompromising.

The agency has been working with Jägermeister since 2018.

Goals and Objectives

оnline tasks

The key goal of the activities is to develop visual content that will most effectively attract the audience to buy through Rozetka or other marketplaces, while broadcasting the emotional essence of the brand.

  1. 1. creation of key-visuals and their adaptation;
  2. 2. brand promotion on social networks;
  3. 3. setting up a target for contact with the target audience;
  4. 4. creation of thematic creatives


The majority of Jägermeister’s target audience is men between the ages of 18 and 24 who love to relax, have fun and value quality time in good company. These are residents of large cities of Ukraine, who work a lot, but do not shy away from physical activity. They know what they want, love to create and stand out from the crowd. They appreciate authenticity, exclusivity, quality, not quantity.


Our main idea is not just to create bright visuals with the product and CTA, but to activate the “hook”, an added value that will touch fans, affirm the emotional value of the brand, while encouraging the transition to the marketplace and purchase.

That is why during the work we turned to the target audience and studied its needs and desires. Jägermeister fans are friends rather than customers, so they are loyal and really hunt for brand merch. In collaboration with well-known graffiti artists, we have developed a full-fledged campaign with branded T-shirts as an added value that stimulates the purchase. Another “hook” is a special offer, a limited bottle on a visual, which activates real fans.

Particular attention should be paid to work on the target of the created message. We have made every effort to ensure that communication is targeted to the target audience and that campaign resources are allocated efficiently. That is why we have planned the largest number of ad impressions for lunch and evening to adjust to the rhythm of consumer life.


Regardless of the information and the essence of the campaign, Jägermeister as a brand is always in the spotlight — at the party, in the bars and in the visuals.
We decided to embody this in key-visuals through dynamics, color and emphasis on the product and the key message. We also actively used images of merch and limited series of the product, in addition to a simple CTA. So we have achieved an atmosphere of mystery, exclusivity, but openness for anyone who decides to liven up their party with the help of Jägermeister.

During the development of the content, we used and adapted the instructions from the Jägermeister brand book thematically and for different formats. Actively used short, looped animations. We maintained the corporate style, strengthened the culture of consumption and kept the mood of Jägermeister in every visual.


Fans of the brand are his friends, who gladly responded to the offer to get not only a drink, but also a branded merch. Thus, through e-commerce, we involved in the transition and purchase of the core of the target audience and organically continued the basic strategy of maintaining pages. Facebook became the main channel of communication with the audience, where the advertising campaign showed the best results. We also posted content on Instagram.



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