SERM for a company-that-must-not-be-named

Dealing with the reputation of a brand that has faced negative online reviews

X is a company that provides communication services. Included in the top 5 market leaders.

The agency worked with the company in 2012-2013.


offline tasks
online tasks

Service company X was successful in selling its services, but created conditions under which it was extremely difficult to terminate the contract. The additional subscription fee resulted in user dissatisfaction on the forums of various sites. The number of negative reviews in the search results has become so noticeable that it has become difficult for the sales department to conclude new contracts.

Increase the number of contracts.

Change search results from negative to positive.


Men from 30 to 60 years old, residents of Ukraine, who experience problems with poor TV signal quality or are unable to connect to the services of cable television operators.


1. Posted positive reviews on forums with negative mentions of the company.
2. Selected 20 sites without mentioning company X.
3. Created 1,000 emails.
4. Registered on the forums 50 psychotypes of various commentators.
5. Created dialogues between users (4 000 comments).
6. After the creation of topicstarters, 200 positive reviews were published on each forum.
7. Published 28 SEO articles about the client.
8. From the fifth month we started SEO-promotion of forums.
9. At 7-8 months, another 100 messages were published on each of the forums.
10. Further monthly comments were published in a small volume.



top Google search results pages we changed


% increase in new customers


times – overfulfillment of the plan for new contracts

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