Course against negativity: how SERM helped to sell the bank

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) services for a Ukrainian bank.

The agency worked with the client for a year — from September 2014 to September 2015.


online tasks
offline tasks

Reducing the number of materials with a negative connotation in Google search results at the request of the client, increasing the productive activity of the bank in mass media and social networks.

Creation of a more favorable perception of the bank by the audience.


The target audience is potential foreign investors and buyers of the bank.


The client planned the sale of the bank, but faced the negativity accumulated over the years of working in the realities of Ukrainian business, which could become a serious obstacle to concluding a profitable deal.

Our goal was not only to displace negativity from search results, but also to create a general favorable perception of the bank. So, we developed a comprehensive solution that continued to work even after our case work was completed.


First of all, we started working with the public reputation of the bank: together with a partner PR agency, we published a series of interviews and articles with top management, news, and projects in the mass media with significant citations, and created pages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social networks, as well as a business Google account.


The next step was to work with Wikipedia and post counter-content, which will have a positive impact on the brand’s image. In our case, these were reviews on relevant platforms and mentioned materials. To help published articles “fly”, we created a SEO promotion strategy, thanks to which we were able to bring the materials we need to the top of the pages.


Most of the negativity was simply pushed off the front pages as a result of our actions — we only had to remove the remaining unwanted material from publication using the DMCA.


Thanks to the work of the agency, the bank was not only able to conclude a successful contract for the sale of assets to investors, but also formed a positive perception among its clients.



negatives in the top 20 search results of Google


three times less negativity in the top 50 Google results


successful bank sale deal

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