Illustrative brochures for LexArtist

Creation of a series of information booklets with illustrations

Lex Artist is a creative support for business. For 14 years, they have been successfully protecting personal data in companies.

So our task was to create a series of brochures for office workers to help convey information about the processing and structure of personal data protection, how to behave in case of a breach, and other processes with the help of an easy illustration.


The Polish animated series «Dobromir» tells the story of a little boy who invented ideas for his grandfather to solve difficult problems. Tricky and simple tools 3 automatically solved the problem, making Grandpa’s life easier.

Our heroes are the same: red-haired, inspired, and ready to solve any problem, even the most difficult one, in no time.


Our task was to develop a very bright front page to attract attention and confirm that complex things can be solved simply with the help of professionals.


We have selected unique characters for each position in the team. All of them play a role in the organizational structure of personal data protection. These are the Data Protection Officer, Cyber Security Manager, and Coordinator. With the help of simple elements of identification of each of these characters, we made it as easy as possible to understand and remember information. Everyone plays a critical role in protecting personal data, so they are all superheroes. All characters are presented in female and male versions with mixed elements of clothing: classic office bow and superhero paraphernalia.



happy client


male and female characters


illustrated pages

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