Creating pranks on the occasion of April 1 for social networks of the Jägermeister brand.

Jägermeister is a German liqueur created by Curt Mast in 1934 from 56 ingredients. The brand is full of mysteries and mysticism, and its recipe is a real alchemy. Jägermeister carries the aesthetics of nightlife, full of parties and their own rituals. This is a brand that is always on the move; life of the party without excess: strong, determined, unique and uncompromising.

The agency has been working with Jägermeister since 2018.

Goals and Objectives

online objective

The key goal of the activities is to increase the number of interactions with the page and publications, increase the activity of the target audience with the help of thematic humorous content, as well as a native story about the culture of drinking and its emotional essence.

Target audience

Most Jägermeister connoisseurs are men who love a real fan, carefree and quality rest and quality time in good company.
The main age group of TA — 18―24 years. These are residents of large cities of Ukraine, who work a lot, but do not shy away from physical activity. They know what they want, love to create and stand out from the crowd. Appreciate authenticity, exclusivity, quality, not quantity.


When else to joke and laugh, if not on April 1? Moreover, we are well aware that the target audience of Jägermeister is a true connoisseur of fan with a great sense of humor.
That’s why we created a thematic campaign. Every year on the first of April we developed a special publication-prank. Jokes became not just jokes, but a response to the needs of the target audience — what they wanted to see.
Each post not only lifted the mood of the subscribers, but the activity of the page, and also natively affirmed the emotion of the brand and told about the culture of consumption of Jägermeister.


In 2019, we decided to start with a sensation and founded the Ministry of Cool Night. To do this, we highlighted the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Jägermeister brand colors, of course, only in the photo for publication. In 2020, we “founded” our own delivery service “JägerMan” and talked about the culture of beverage consumption (in the format of shots at a temperature of -18). After following the link, subscribers saw a banner with the message — despite the fact that it was a prank, Jägermeister can always be ordered on Rozetka. In 2021, we organized a prank with the Jäger Realtor app, where you can find a place to party with Jägermeister, choose the number of guests, the type of apartment and additional parameters. Thus, we not only created a clickable and fan info drive, but also maintained the mood of the brand.


Our audience took Jägermeister’s pranks as any good joke. We received positive feedback in the comments to the posts and videos. In addition, we made sure that a significant number of subscribers really wanted to implement the services we mentioned in the jokes — that’s how we realized that humor hit the mark. Our pranks even helped to create spontaneous parties with Jägermeister!



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